Best Book To Learn How to Study

Hey, welcome to my first blog post which is going to talk about the best books in my opinion that teach you how to study.

There are many books that I have come across lately that have been highly influential to the way I view studying. These books have helped me work more efficiently as I found that I was working very hard but without results. Although it is summer time, some of you might be heading into your first years in college/university or even sixth form. These years are particularly demanding in terms of how much you need to study and the sheer amount of work you have to pile through, therefore I feel as though these books may be able to help you prepare well for these years of study.


These 4 books are all essentially quite similar, “Make it stick” being my particular favourite.

The key things you learn from these books are:

1.The difference between passive and active learning.  

Ever wondered why you keep revising content over and over but it’s not sticking? Well this could be because you are learning passively and not actively. Active learning requires you to test your self on the information instead of just simply reading or writing the information. This will help you retain a lot more information.

2.How to organise your learning

One of the key things about studying is that you can’t learn for hours, no one can focus like that. Therefore these books emphasise the need for breaks. One of the methods I use particularly is the Pomodoro method, I find that when I stick to this I end up doing a lot more focused work. Look into the Pomodoro method and find out if it works for you.

3.Why are you learning this information and why is it important to you

Something that can hinder even the best of us, is procrastination. Answering the above question on why are you learning this information and why is it important to you can put things into perspective and help you excel further in terms of your learning as you can see the goal at the end. Never lose focus on your goals and always keep that in mind.

This is my first blog post!

Click on the book images to find the links to these books, they are amazing! x

I really hope you enjoyed this and find it useful, feel free to comment and ask me any further questions.